No Apologies

“Make no apologies for who you are

Make no apologies for what you love

Make no apologies for WHO you fall in love with

Make no apologies for how you express yourself

Make no apologies for what you dream

Make no apologies for being yourself

Because at the end of the day, nobody is going to apologize to you for your unhappiness.” ~ Nidia Rodriguez

This seems so simple to say, but yet so difficult to act on. We are taught to apologize. Our guardians teach us at such a young age to apologize to others when we do something wrong. But does it mean to be WRONG? As I was doing some online reading, I came across “No apologizes” as a title for a post and the post spoke about people’s guilty pleasures. If i want to eat endless amounts of chocolate cookies, I’m not guilty of that, I JUST WANT TO EAT A CHOCOLATE COOKIE. I do not feel the need to apologize for that and I’m certainly very guilty of eating it because I just did (lol). Who said eating a chocolate cookie was wrong? Who? My mother? My mind that is scream “BEACH SEASON!”? Because the only thing I’m thinking right now is “Yum, this cookie tastes amazing.” I am not apologizing for eating a cookie, just like I’m not apologizing for being who I am. I could name numerous factors about myself that others might not like or disagree with, but you know what, I could careless. I’ve learned that no one is going to be there apologizing to you. Do what makes you happy. Express yourself the way you want to. Love who you want to love. And make no apology. But most importantly, be who you want to be.*