Black Sheep

“Have you ever sat with your friends and just known that you’re the least important friend in the group and you felt like it wouldn’t make a difference if you were there or not…” ~ Unknown

There’s no worst feeling then being the black sheep. Feeling left out. Feeling like you don’t belong. Feeling like everyone is having the time of their life and you are just awkwardly standing there hoping that no one feels the self-tension. It feels as though I am getting this feeling more and more; not as excited for things, not as eager to talk, and not as motived to socialize with others.

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Is it because I am different? Is it because others don’t seem to understand me? Maybe it’s just because I have this itching feeling inside of me that feels like I have nothing to offer or contribute to society. I feel so disconnected from the world today. A society that’s definition of spending time together is being on their phones until their thumbs hurt or someone cares enough to look up. A society that’s definition of music and movies is the more sexual or captivating the better. A society that excludes those that are different or unlike the others. Is this the society we want to be a part of? Sadly, I am a part of the society. But the real question is, why are we okay with this? I don’t understand. The worst part of it all is feeling like there’s nothing we could do to change this..